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RS Logo Semi-Permanent Tattoo
RS Logo Semi-Permanent Tattoo

Price: $40.00

Product Code: 002-SPTAT-LOGO

About The Goods:
Thinking about getting some Rick Springfield ink, but you're a little afraid to commit? Well, we've teamed up with Inkbox to create a "semi-permenant" tattoo. What this means is that this tat can last up 8-18 days (all depends on the placement and how you take care of it). The size of the logo is 3" x 3".

Inkbox tattoos look authentic and last long because the ink sinks into the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis, if you wanna get technical) where it reacts with organic compounds to change your skinís color. The ink is skin-safe, painless and made from all natural ingredients.

The active compounds in inkbox are naturally derived from the Genipa Americana plant. Tribes in South America have used this plant as body ornamentation for thousands of years. inkbox tattoo applicators are made from FDA approved materials.

Please review this video for help on how to apply:

For more info visit: https://inkbox.com/pages/tattoo-tips