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Zoot Live - The Reunion CD/DVD

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About The Goods:
Australian band ZOOT were often referred to as a Supergroup in reverse. Band members Darryl Cotton, Beeb Birtles, Rick Brewer and Rick Springfield delivered no less than 5 Top 40 hits, including a No1 single with a classic hard rock version of The Beatles Eleanor Rigby. Their success firmly placed them alongside their contemporaries such as The Easybeats, The Masters Apprentices and Daddy Cool. In 1969 they won the prestigious Go-Set pop poll. A solid touring outfit, they performed together from 1968 until disbanding in April of 1971 before going onto successful solo careers. In 2011, ZOOT reformed for what was to become a one off performance in the US before the sad and untimely death of band member Darryl Cotton. ZOOT Live - The Reunion CD/DVD captures all of the chemistry which defined ZOOT and firmly placed them into the Australian music history books during those formative years.
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Release date: 2013
Australian import


Disc 1 (CD):

  1. You’d better get going now 4:18 – Jackie Lomax
  1. 1x2x3x4 3:32 – Terry Britten
  1. Flying 3:25 – R. Springfield
  1. Mr Songwriter 3:43 – R. Springfield
  1. Summer in the city 4:49 – John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian and Steve Boone
  1. Hey Pinky 3:55 – R. Springfield
  1. Strang e things 6:34 – R. Springfield
  1. Friday on my mind 3:56 – Vanda & Young
  1. The Night Owls 5:37 – Graham Goble
  1. Substitute 4:34 – Pete Townshend
  1. The Freak 7:14 – R. Springfield
  1. Eleanor Rigby 6:28 – Lennon & McCartney
  1. Evil Child 4:34 – R. Springfield

Disc 2 (DVD):

  1. You’d Better Get Going Now (Live)
  1. 1x2x3x4 (Live)
  1. Flying (Live)
  1. Mr Songwriter (Live)
  1. Summer In The City (Live)
  1. Hey Pinky (Live)
  1. Strange Things (Live)
  1. Friday On My Mind (Live)
  1. The Night Owls (Live)
  1. Substitute (Live)
  1. The Freak (Live)
  1. Eleanor Rigby (Live)
  1. Evil Child (Live)
  1. MEET ZOOT - Band Q&A (no music)
  1. Life In A Northern Town (Live)
  1. My Generation (Live)
  1. Substitute (Live)